Patient Reported Outcome Measures


Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROM’s) are a tool that is increasingly used to try to improve the care of surgical patients. PROM’s are structured questionnaires that record the patients’ symptoms directly, rather than the symptoms that the clinician thinks the patient is suffering from.

The idea of PROM’s is to record measures that are important to patients rather than measures that are important to the surgeon or hospital. For instance the surgeon may traditionally wish to know number of degrees the shoulder and arm can flex after an operation…. The patient will experience whether they can get items from a top cupboard.

To ensure that my patients are obtaining excellent pain and functional benefits from surgery at I have introduced a comprehensive PROM’s monitoring system.

All new patients accepted will be added to the PROM’s system on referral. The patient then can then access the system and input their information.

The PROM’s system is not compulsory and patients may opt out of the system at any point.

The link to the Airedale PROM’s portal is:

Alternatively use the QR code below on your smart device to access the portal:

QR code link to Airedale PROM’s portal

The system is run by Amplitude. Amplitude is the UK’s leading provider of clinical data collection software, used for Clinical & Patient Reported Outcomes, Virtual Follow Up & Triage Clinics, Chronic Illness Patient Monitoring & Patient Experience Measures. 

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