Pre Surgery Information

General Instructions:

The hospital will advise you about arrival time and location. This will be on the day of the surgery. You will need to starve prior to surgery. You can’t eat food for 6 hours, but you may be allowed sips of water up to the time of surgery. Unless otherwise instructed you should take your usual medication. Rings should be removed from side you are going to have the operation on.

What to bring:

Usual medication


Dressing gown and slippers

Books or a magazine

On the ward:

Prior to the procedure I will come and see you, talk through your procedure and mark you limb with an indelible marker. You will need to get into a hospital gown and you may need to wear hospital supplied stockings. The anaesthetist will also see you and talk through the anaesthetic plan.

The Anaesthetic:

Most patients will be offered a General Anaesthetic with a Nerve Block. In this type of anaesthetic you would be asleep and an injection would be given into the neck that would temporarily stop the nerves working in your arm. When you wake up the arm would still be asleep. This would stop any pain. This works for between 6 and 48 hours. You will still need painkillers for when the block wears off.

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