One Stop Clinic


The One Stop Upper Limb Clinic is a modern patient centred take on our traditional service.

I had always been bothered by the amount of time and number of appointments my patients were required to attend for the management of common shoulder and elbow conditions.

It was quite predictable that the patients would need:

  • To see a qualified clinician
  • Xrays
  • Scans, most usually ultrasound
  • Injections often under ultrasound
  • Physiotherapy input
  • Plus all the repeat trips to see the clinician with the results of scans, physiotherapy and injections.

I wanted to explore a more streamlined approach, so when the opportunity to redesign the Orthopaedic clinics at Airedale came up the Upper Limb Team seized it.

In October 2020 my Colleague: Mr Bowe, our MSK Radiologist: Dr Bharath, our Specialist Physiotherapist; Ms Lalande, the clinic Sister; Ms Sellars and I launched the One Stop Upper Limb Clinic.

We have now seen over 300 patients and saved over 470 trips to the hospital!!

The one stop clinic

Click here to download the one stop clinic patient information leaflet:

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